The new year brings new opportunities and most of us are busy planning our future days.

Probably all of us look back on our past year’s performance – plans that went well, areas of improvement, changes required, etc. – to prepare for the upcoming year.

However, your planning will be incomplete without one crucial element: analyzing future trends.

Sure, analyzing historical data helps us determine benchmarks and measuring our performance but you also need to be prepared for what’s coming and how it affects you.


1. PR and Content Marketing Will Continue to Go Hand-in-hand

Your job might be to promote your brand but there’s more to it than that. Promoting your brand is now also about presenting your audience a chance to connect with you and of course, knocking down trust barriers. In today’s day and age, it is more important to deliver value than shouting the loudest.

This is precisely why we will see an increasing alignment between PR and content marketing. Creating content that is engaging, educating and delivers values is what your audience is really looking for.

PR is responsible for positioning your brand and content marketing helps you monetize that reputation. Therefore, both content marketing and PR need to work together.


2. Personal Branding Will Become a Priority

PR is all about showcasing your brand in front of your audience – for better or for worse. This also includes views of individuals leading your organization. With that being said, it is understood that the way company leaders and employees carry themselves speaks leaps and bounds about the company. Personal branding and thought leadership will, therefore, be a priority of all modern PR teams.


3. PR Tech Will Focus on Improving Relationships and Efficiency

Managing relationships and converting them into profits is what PR is all about. Your success depends on your ability to truly connect with people, gain their trust, and deliver value. More and more organizations will bring in technology that will help PR efficiently manage their functions. Individuals are skeptical about mixing PR with technology but its about time we changed that perception. Relationships can be enhanced with the correct technology.

Just like the correct CRM software can help your sales team, correct PR tools can help your PR professionals. PR teams will have to change their mindset with changing times, especially if they want to stay competitive in 2019.

Like every other aspect of communication and marketing, PR is continuously evolving, and the way you build trust, engage or reach your audience needs to be in line with the emerging trends of the industry.

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