Your B2B campaigns can be run more efficiently with the right tools and platforms. They can also help you learn more about your target audience, your customers, and the market, so you can make your campaigns more effective.

According to a research survey, 98% of B2B marketers say that marketing automation plays a crucial role in helping their businesses succeed.

Platforms for different forms of online marketing are generally known as B2B marketing tools.

These tools will help you accomplish whatever you are trying to achieve, whether it’s managing your social media, search engine optimization (SEO), or even managing your customer database.

Among the top B2B marketing tools, here are the 6 most effective tools for automating and evaluating marketing campaigns.

1) GetResponse 

The GetResponse software is one of the top marketing automation tools out there, allowing you to create landing pages, promote your webinar, and send email campaigns with ease all through a single platform. There’s no charge for onboarding, and users have a great user experience with it.

Pricing for this software solution starts at $15 per month. Among its features, Autofunnel stands out. It is an automated sales funnel generator that also lets you send automated emails.


2) Buffer

With Buffer, you can automate social media content posting. Schedule posts using this B2B tool while you focus on your other tasks. Furthermore, use Buffer to optimize your post’s performance so you can tweak your social media strategy accordingly.

Automation can reduce the effort you put into posting consistently on social media. This must-have tool is also available for free for all your digital marketing needs.


3) Salesforce 

The Salesforce platform is the leader in B2B marketing tools. It’s perfect for managing a lot of customer and lead data. It can help you build strong relationships with your customers and prospects.

Whether you are opening an e-commerce store, driving engagement, sales, or even getting detailed analytics of your performance, Salesforce has the software solutions you need.


4) Finteza

Finteza is a powerful B2B marketing tool that can help you analyze and manage your website traffic, sales funnel, conversions, remarketing, and manage campaign performance.

The Finteza system helps you gain insight into your website’s all-day traffic, track conversions, and gather insights on user behaviours. Finteza also helps you distinguish between bots and real people. More than 50 content management systems can be integrated with this platform.


5) HubSpot 

Using HubSpot as a sales and marketing tool for B2B companies enables you to track your leads efficiently, build better customer relationships, and gather actionable information.

Whether you’re looking for email automation, analytics, or meeting scheduling, HubSpot is free to use!



It has become increasingly easy for businesses to collect emails from consumers and clients by using This tool is a free email finder, although they do have a bunch of paid plans as well. uses Big Data & Machine Learning Algorithms to

find the email address of any professional or potential prospects in one second.

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