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Healthcare Public Relations Strategies

Healthcare Public Relations Strategies

Scientific and medical fields are evolving quicker than ever nowadays. As a result, healthcare public relations turn out to be a dynamic field too.

Traditional marketing methods are simply not enough to make a successful campaign these days. Some up-to-date digital campaign strategies have to be included too.

That means that having your company’s name mentioned in the newspapers is certainly a good thing and it can bring you some customers, but carefully chosen marketing tactics will, by all means, give you more exposure. The strategies are evolving as you read this article.


Where to start?

First things first – you must determine your goal in order to reach it. Only then will you be able to keep the focus and measure your progress.

Good PR strategy can help you achieve the objectives such as increasing the sale, widening the audience and improving the brand awareness. Those are the ideas to bear in mind when choosing the correct PR strategy.

So, the clear objective is your priority number one when opting for any of the PR strategies.

If this is your first healthcare public relations strategy, don’t get your hopes up and don’t expect miracles to happen. It takes some time for each strategy to have measurable results.

Here’s a tip – check whether your goal can be defined as S.M.A.R.T. – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-oriented.

Healthcare public relations represent a wide field covering pharmaceuticals, medical technology including the items that need controlled temperature during shipping, health care providers, and many other areas. Each of them needs to be approached differently


Invest in some quality content

If you are trying to develop your healthcare public relations, what you need is the content that sells.

People talk about the content. They expect to get some value from it, and that is exactly what you should give them.

Remember, by sharing your content, they are spreading the word about you. Luckily for you, healthcare is a field where content is abundant and you can choose from an endless number of topics.

Healthcare Public Relations Strategies
Creating some quality content is a great healthcare public relations strategy

Speaking about content, the best decision you can make is to hire professionals who know how to make most of your company’s blog.

Let’s face it, your brand needs an extensive PR. the pros will know how to make content with the customer in mind instead of profit. When you approach your audience like that and give them the value that they want, the profit is inevitable.

The best way to attract potential customers with your content is to help them solve the specific problems they have. You can do that by offering tutorials. For example, tutorials on how to prevent sunburns or how to protect your child from lice would be great examples of content that a healthcare company specializing in dermatology can benefit from.

All of us react to the visuals, so infographics proved to be the most sharable content. You can do no wrong if you make them attractive and educational.


Traditional PR can also give some results

If you aim at increasing your brand awareness, traditional PR might be the right channel to achieve it.

This is especially the case with audiences who don’t spend so much time online. For example, an online campaign for denture fixative cream just won’t reach the target group of elderly people using similar products.

Of course, some of them are active online, but most of them would rather try a healthcare product that is advertised on TV or on a local billboard.

Healthcare specific publications are a good channel for your healthcare public relations

Even though the magazines and other publications from the specific industries are not well-known to the wider public, they are a very good way to communicate with people from the industry.

The readers are aware that you paid for PR distribution services and that is fine as long as they get the necessary information from the material they subscribed to. One of the benefits of using this channel to reach the target audience is that here you can use far more technical language and many data reports.

That is not the case with publications aimed at a wider audience since they would find the content too boring or too difficult to understand.

Three People sitting in an office, negotiating the best healthcare public relations strategies
Being published in one of the industry-leading magazines will contribute to brand awareness


Hiring influencers is one of the best healthcare public relations strategies

The truth is that the millennials are almost three times more likely to be influenced by social media than by other PR technics. Media relations are more important than ever nowadays.

That is why you should consider hiring an influencer your target audience follows. They would value his/her opinion more than yours, and you should take advantage of it.

Instagram is one of the best platforms for reaching your customers. Hiring influencers might not be one of the best ways to increase your Instagram followers for free since the arrangement might be pricy.

However, if you happen to make a good choice of influencers, be sure that the investment will pay off. Your goal should be building relationships with people who have already earned the trust of your target group. It is like making a shortcut, right?


Is e-mailing a good healthcare PR strategy?

Make your e-mails interesting

Well, it just might be. The only problem is that the outreaching is not that easy.

People will know that you are contacting them in order to promote your healthcare brand. If your plan is to make and send generic emails, you’ll be wasting your time.

Here are some tips to help you make a message that will not be instantly deleted by the receiver:

  1. Use the recipients’ first names when addressing them. Healthcare public relations can be a little bit personal.
  2. Mention something specific from their blog post or a page to show that you have actually read their content.
  3. Only then can you start explaining how the cooperation with you will benefit them. Show them the examples of your interesting content so that they realize their audience might like it too. Try to be authentic. Remember – they are probably getting dozens of similar e-mails every day.
  4. Create content that fits your contact’s audience – that will increase the number of page views.



The healthcare industry has so many branches that not a single strategy can be applied to all of them.

Take your time to select the right healthcare public relations strategy to reach your target audience and remember – the success will not come overnight. You will have to work on it!

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