Some of the most critical elements of a successful business are often what cause business owners, managers and employees the most stress. In order for any organization to continue to succeed, they must effectively deal with any hassle that comes their way as a result of their operations and protocols. While there isn’t necessarily a way to resolve all of these issues with a single blow, the resource accompanying this post can provide an excellent foundation. The infographic contains critical information for all organizations, regardless of size or scope, necessary to found strong relationships with vendors that are able to assist in providing your organization with a competitive advantage. 

Any businesses’ success is directly correlated to their relationship with their vendors. The healthier a relationship, the more that both parties can benefit. Some of the benefits provided as a result of solid vendor relationships are better pricing deals, more customized maintenance offerings and first priority on new product innovations. With these advantages comes more benefits for your customers. After all, wouldn’t most customers prefer the newest and most innovative products at cheaper price points? 

Often times the problem with vendor relationships is that businesses will find a way to ruin them. Whether that be unintentionally or with malicious intent, the advantages that come from the relationship will inevitably disappear. Understanding this, it becomes even more imperative for organizations to avoid dismantling these relationships in any way. There are typically three ways in which most vendor relationships are tarnished: smothering vendors, excessive negotiations in the patterning organization’s favor and an inability to appease or accommodate in any way. Smothering is a rooted communication issue that can be avoided through clear communication regarding expectations at the start of any relationship. While negotiations are important for finding a beneficial partnership between two organizations, it’s more important to be willing to accommodate to find a healthy middle ground between partners. An inability to do so could lead to the nail in the coffin. 

Vendor relationships become even harder to manage in industries where there are unique compliance and protocol related requirements. In these situations, vendors may require more specific solutions in order to work in unison with your organization. If your organization falls under this category, it may be worth considering offering your vendors access to an established compliance management system. With these systems in place, vendors are offered a deeper dive into some of the more complicated requirements that must be met in order to adequately service your organization. 

Vendor relationships can be tricky, especially when your organization’s needs are so unique. For more information regarding founding the best partnerships in your industry, be sure to check out the infographic coupled alongside this post. Courtesy of Smyyth.  

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