You can think of corporate communication as a way to pass on values and ideas that your company stands for to your employees, customers, and the public.

The way we communicate has improved a thousand times over the past hundreds of years both in written and vocal form.

There are many different techniques of communication that we implement in our daily activities, but corporate communication is on a whole other level.

It is an organized way of clearly expressing coherence, credibility, and ethics to a broad group of people.


Three methods of corporate communication

There are three main methods of corporate communication:

1. Management communication

It is the most complex way of communication, and it requires both marketing and organizational experts to be done correctly. It is the communication that happens between the management of the company, and all internal and external audiences.


2. Marketing communication

It is applied in product advertising, sales, direct mail, and sponsorships. It is a way of reaching clients and potential partners.


3. Organizational communication 

You can think of organizational communication as a way to communicate with the public.

Any public relations or affairs, investor, corporate, and employee relations are done via organizational communication.


Tactics of corporate communication

So, what is the main goal of corporate communication? Yes, it is to express the way you treat your employees and do business, but what does that really mean?

The first goal is to promote the profile of your company. For example, what kind of products and services you offer, and what your reputation is in the field.

That is called corporate branding, a fantastic way to communicate with the public and present the ideals of your brand. A common way to do this is to use a content publishing platform where you can advertise and communicate your idea to others.


Communication connects people and it is the most vital aspect of good relations between people and companies
Communication connects people and it is the most vital aspect of good relations between people and companies.


Next, corporate communication should delegate tasks within the company. Every employee must be aware of the responsibilities they have. Furthermore, everyone should be familiar with all the procedures within the company.

Another essential role of corporate communication is to establish strong internal and external support channels, to further aid the goal and idea of the company.

Finally, one of the most crucial tactics of corporate communication is to strengthen relations with local and international business firms. That is a secure way of building a network of strong allies and improving connections.


Corporate communication department

This department plays one of the most crucial roles in the entire company. Its sole responsibility is to communicate with the public, both externally and internally, and make sure that the company’s reputation is as it should be.

Remember, it is important how others perceive you, and this is where the corporate communication department plays a key role.

All types of communication are planned and implemented by the corporate communication department, with the help of other branches of the company.


Media relations

One of the ways the corporate communication department makes contact with the public is via media relations. Some of the tasks are writing and distributing any news, or communicating with the press.

If there is a need for a press conference, the media relations team would pick the place for the event, or work on the advertising material, like banners.

Also, they must prepare executives for the conference, by working on their speeches. The same applies to any television or radio appearance.

A phone showing icons for social media apps
Media relations are essential for any company, they are responsible for how a company is perceived by the public.


Customer and Public relations

For example, let’s say you are in need of a specific service, like relocation services. You go online to search for a company to help you while moving, and you find Capital City Movers NYC.

How will you know they are a legit moving company?

It is simple, you will visit their website and check other people’s reviews. Finally, you will get in touch with the company to find out more.

The customer and public relations team works on communicating with the clientele. They prepare brochures, answer any questions, and they manage websites and social media. They also must monitor customer reviews, and respond to any calls or e-mails.


Crisis communication relations

If there is an occurrence that threatens the safety of the employees or the company’s reputation, the crisis communication relations team is the first responder. There are multiple examples when crisis relations are of utmost importance for the company.

For example, a chemical spill in the ocean, violence between employees and employers, layoff announcements or any wrongdoings pinned to the company’s name. This team must be prepared to jump in and prevent the crisis before it reaches the media.

The crisis communication team must act quickly and they must be prepared for any crisis that could jeopardize the safety of the company and its employees.


Internal employee relations

Another vital part of the communication within the company is internal employee communication. Besides delivering the company’s message to the public, the employee relations team also communicates internally.

They notify employees of any opportunities within the company or any changes and innovations made by the executives.

They also manage information about training, intranet or company blogs, and they work on resolving any issues that an employee may have.


To summarize

As you can see, corporate communication has many different levels and teams. It is vital for running a successful company. Everything is done by communicating with others, whether internally or externally.

Communication is the way to address any issues, promote the goals and achievements of a company, and get in touch with customers, competition, partners and the public!

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