Excerpt: The right recruitment software not only helps a recruiter get better and more accurate results but also quickens the process. Here, we will be talking about how you can choose the best recruitment software for your agency.

Searching and scouting for the right talent are vital for any company’s development and growth. A fitting candidate is good in one’s field and works in a coordinated manner with the rest of the people at the company. Just like how lack of coordination can lead to annoyance and disrupt the professional workspace, a lack in adopting the right Applicant Tracking System or a recruitment software can lead to ineffective recruitment.

We are all living in the age of technology that has brought in many tools that are accessible to many and that contribute to making life easier. This is no different, even in the case of recruitment. One has to abandon the traditional methods of recruitment if they wish to reach newer heights. 

Software like Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) has made the process of recruiting and hiring a lot less lengthy and more efficient, so it’s high time that one incorporate these into their work. Once you have decided to use particular software, then comes the step where you will carefully select the software best for you and your business. Here, we will discuss how to choose the best software.

1. Utilise the Free Trial or Demo Period

Most companies that build and develop software to help you with recruitment offer a demo or trial period. You must utilise this time period and test out all kinds of features so that there is no place for confusion in the future. These SaaS companies usually have a part of their website dedicated to discussing the main features in the software and the features they wish to introduce soon; it is vital to pay attention to them to try them out in advance. For instance, SaaS companies such as Recruit CRM offers an unlimited free trial for their customers.

2. Consider The Size of Your Company

A lot of things depend on how large or small your recruitment agency or firm is. It helps you choose which software is better for the given size and at what price. Pricing models are often determined based on that, so it is important to have the quantity figured out to receive the best quality service from a recruitment software company.

3. Consider the Features & Your Model of Recruitment

The model you have based your agency upon (whether retained search or contingency recruitment) should not be neglected when choosing the software. It is important to consider the one you have chosen for your agency and take decisions based on that. For instance, a recruitment software that works best for executive search firms might not be the best option for contingency firms.

If you’re willing to invest in a recruitment software you’ll also need to understand the different features it provides. For instance, if you regularly parse thousands of resumes, look into whether the software has a strong resume parsing feature. Here are some of the features that are absolutely irreplaceable:

  • Data and analytics
  • Customisable sales pipeline
  • Candidate management system
  • Bulk emailing
  • Several integrations
  • Advanced Boolean search

4. Look into the Quality of Services Offered by Their Support Team

In any business, the communication between a client and a host should be ever-present and never disordered. It is not uncommon for clients to deal with poor customer support and end up dealing with losses, so you must keep the quality of services offered by their support team in mind while choosing a recruitment software. If your queries are answered and never neglected by the support team, then you can tick one of your check-boxes off and continue to test out the software. A good thumb of rule here would be to look into Capterra or G2 that round up the best software as per the niche you’re looking for.

Choosing the right kind of software is often like playing chess. You’ll not only have to think of the present moves but also of several moves in the future. Ultimately choosing the right recruitment software will affect both your client and candidate relationships. Don’t hesitate and hold yourself back from using technology even if you have traditionally recruited your whole life using excel sheets as these tools will provide you with better results and also make the hiring process a lot quicker.


About Eli Franklin

Eli Franklin

Based out of Bloomington, Indiana, Eli Franklin completed her MBA from Kelley School Of Business and has since then worked as a content specialist and marketing executive for Recruit CRM, a SaaS company creating world-class Applicant Tracking Systems for agency recruiters. She is regularly creating specialised content for recruiters and helping Recruit CRM develop a strong marketing game.
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