The impact of technology on the human race is quite predictable these days. If We compare the technology of 20 years back with now, we will easily be able to communicate the difference of generations of technology. The conventional methods are now not preferable due to the time-consuming and high chances of getting into human errors.

Now software has taken place of the traditional methods of managing a simple office or multiple complex offices. Nothing is impossible now because of technology. 

How does Software Helps Staff?

Doctors are now able to access the digital diagnosis reports of patients, patient records, and some other information records on patients’ profiles. Which makes doctors and helping staff better understand the patient’s situation.

What uses Hospital Management System provide?

  • Reduces the risk of data getting lost due to some accidents like fire or water.
  • Reduces a great amount of admin work and makes doctors and other staff be able to make better medical decisions because of the features like automation this software provides. 
  • Improved handling of transactions of the hospital due to the online payment methods. 
  • Makes management be able to reduce errors and be attentive to every single detail.

Features of Hospital Management Software

Improved insurance claims process handling

Insurance companies are one of the third parties in the management of the hospital which means they only interfere in the management if there comes up an issue with their department i.e., insurance claims.  

Improved Faculty Management and Teamwork

Due to the help of management software, the admin staff of hospitals is now able to keep an eye on the activities of their staff members and their interactions with patients and other staff members. This gives you an upper hand in the management of your hospital.

Online Benefits for Patients

Patients have now the right to edit their personal information, make an appointment anywhere at any time, counsel with the doctor, cancel or reschedule an appointment, payment refund under time, etc.

Rights of Admin on the Software

The administration staff is permitted to edit services the hospital provides, they are allowed to make changes to doctors’ information along with the patient’s.

Handling Multiple Departments is easy now

Before the era of software, hospital management needed to deal with every single department under the hospital. Sometimes the hospitals had only one management department for various medical and non-medical departments of the hospital.

Reduced Administration Duties

Using this hospital management software now makes it easy for the administration to hold up on every duty they are supposed to handle with attention and care.

Such as waitlist features allow the patients to book an appointment with the professional of their choice when they get available for that time slot. The doctor will receive a notification on the mobile application of staff informing them about the patient’s appointment booking.

The automation feature has made it even easier for customer care representatives because they can now automate the general questioning of the customers by applying a series of questions into automation. The benefits will include that customer or patient will receive an instant message about the service, the customer requires at the moment and this will give you a happy customer which will portray a positive image of the health care centre.

Keeping updated on Profiles

Before the facility of software and digitalization, patients’ files were kept in large rooms consuming a lot of space and paperwork. After the introduction of the digital world now hospitals can keep all the hospital’s data online meaning that can be accessed anytime and anywhere by anyone with access permission.

Rescheduling is an Issue no more

Rescheduling the appointments facility provided for both staff members and patients makes them be able to cancel the appointment at any time. This gives patients the right to reschedule the appointment before the time if they ran into some emergency. And they know they cannot make it on time to the doctor.

In the same way, doctors or practitioners are also able to show their availability on the customer care app of the software.

Online Payment Facility

A payment management system allows management to keep track of patients’ billing and payment methods. An online payment facility is also beneficial when in an emergency, the patient or user is out of cash at the time. The patient can just pay online with a few clicks, which is secure along with being a fast method.

With the multiple payment methods, patients can have no issue during the check-out procedure.

Helpdesk 24/7

The helpdesk feature of the software is responsible for providing patients quality service when they contact on helpdesk portal for any assistance.

Growth is a Reliability Factor

Any business’s growth depends on the customer care they provide. Because any user-dependent business is highly dependent on the user experience. Positive customer experience allows positive growth of the business. Hence user puts trust in the reliability of the brand, in this case, the Hospital.

Authority of Everything

Allows you to be able to keep an eye on resources and inventory of the hospital which includes clinical equipment, medicines, patient beds, etc. nonetheless this gives management the authority to handle everything.

Security is no Issue

Increased security on personal data of patients, transaction history, etc. makes it impossible to breach data of the hospital.

Some hospital management software provides you with all the features above mentioned like Wellyx.

Departments of a Hospital

  • Outpatient department
  • Medical department
  • Paramedical
  • Rehabilitation department
  • Radiology
  • Psychiatry
  • Nutritionist department
  • Operation theatre

These are some of the departments, the management of a hospital needs to deal with on daily basis. Some hospitals have separate receptions for every department to deal with their patients specifically. But shares one general reception of the hospital which deals with every department.






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