Public Relations is crucial to a company’s success and brand longevity. The importance of public relations is far greater today than ever. With social media as such a big platform, and practically everything being available online and, communication between companies and the public is key. This is exactly where public relations comes in. Moreover, it is a tactical process of communication that reinforces a positive and stable professional relationship with the public. Can you think of any public relations examples? Here are some of the best.


Why is Public Relations Essential to Success?

Based on popular calculations, over fifty per cent of a company’s value depends on its public image. With Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Snapchat, it is all about how you present yourself or your company in the public’s eye.

Moreover, every smart and cautious company will have a public relations team that can support this image in the best light. PR practically takes care of any misunderstandings and mishaps, while advising on how to proceed.

A company’s reputation is essential as, without it, its value decreases significantly. The public and consumers won’t value a company if they cannot trust it.

Therefore, a trustworthy and consistent relationship is what builds the value of a company and as a result, aids in its success.

The value of a company depends on its reputation.

Let’s think in terms of public relations examples, as this is a common one. A tarnished reputation may take more than a few years to fix.

Even if public relations are able to clean up the mess, there is no promise that the non-reputable company will once again become respected and valued.

It’s is all based on the public’s opinion, therefore having a strong PR team who can jump in front of the issue before it arises and ruins their reputation is of most necessity.

Even if you decide to move the premises and start completely fresh, it’s important to consider who should be involved in your office move. Your partners and employees must be trustworthy in order to build a better brand.

Creating a positive image altogether will strengthen and solidify present and future relationships with consumers, partners, stakeholders, employees, and investors. 


How Does Public Relations Work?

As we have discussed, a public relations team works on an image of a company to promote its value in a positive, relevant and successful manner.

Furthermore, they work strategically with the media to ensure the company’s mission and objective is heard and seen in a way that will promote its reputation and value. 

Dealing with the media and spreading the right word is key to successful public relations.

As one of the public relations examples, a good spokesperson for a PR team will have the ability to foresee how the public may react to or interpret an event, and will then apply tactics that may influence the public’s overall opinion in their favour.

Let’s review the elements public relations take care of for a company:

  1. The company/brand’s social media accounts
  2. Development and presentation of company/brand’s campaigns and actions
  3. Writing and editing of speeches or any public messages to the public establishment of a strategy or plan of action during a crisis 
  4. Ensuring the company/brand is in sync with government regulations, policies, and legislation
  5. Overseeing and handling relationships with anyone and everyone involved with the company/brand


Public Relations Examples to Learn From


Public Relations Examples 

Throughout the years, we have either seen or heard of various public relations examples.

A successful public relations team must be fast, strategic and daring in order to do their job.

Now, let’s evaluate a few PR examples down below. 

1. Google and Ebola Virus

One of the biggest public relations examples was the one involving Google and the Ebola virus. When the news about the Ebola virus broke out, things got scary.

As everyone grew wary of this serious issue across the world, companies and brands were quickly trying to figure out how to attack this.

Some of the best public relations team were working on how to best promote their company’s brand while also helping the public along the way.

Moreover, no one was as fast as the Google team. Their approach to raising money was faster than any government’s action at the time.

Google’s approach involved a fundraiser where for every dollar donated through their link, they would donate another two dollars to the cause.

This move was so memorable and effective that it stood out immediately and today has millions of searches on the web. 


2. Coca Cola and Personalized Bottles

Coca Cola

Possibly arguable, but if Coca Cola doesn’t have some of the best commercials out there, it is definitely among the top of the list.

Ever since being founded back in 1892, Coca Cola has continued to work on its brand and adapt to the changing times.

What better way to promote a brand and grow a relationship with its consumers than to personalize a campaign?

A few years ago, Coca Cola launched a campaign called “Share a Coke“. For the time during this campaign, they replaced their authentic and original logo with various popular names across nations.

Consumers could now go and purchase a bottle with their name on it. What made this particular campaign so cool and memorable is the fact that consumers felt involved and part of it, hence its success.

3. Lou Gehrig’s Disease Awareness 

Anyone and everyone familiar with social media will know about this campaign. Although unsure where it started, the Ice Bucket Challenge grew rapidly. It has raised so much awareness and sparked so much action to the point of literally breaking previous records.

The challenge was a means to bring awareness to ALS, or also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, and help raise money for it. In addition, the challenge required one to get soaked in ice water while also nominating three other people to do it.

They could either choose to participate or donate to the cause. Various people, including big names such as LeBron James and Bill Gates, took part in as well. More than $100 million was donated to the ALS association. 


Public Relations Success

PR’s success depends on its strategies and tactics.

Public relations are very important. Throughout the examples above we can realize how essential PR is to the success of a company or brand.

Whether it is through attacking a major world issue, helping raise awareness internationally, or simply reaching out to consumers and creating a personalized experience, it all counts.

Companies have and will continue to work alongside their PR team in order to better promote their brand. Staying relevant, honest, and relatable is half the success.

The longevity of a brand requires strong relationships, and strong relationships need to be worked on.

Having good public relations will ensure that that stays true, so try to learn something from these public relations examples that we’ve presented today.

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