If like many others you are seeking to settle your immigration status or if you are thinking about immigrating to the United States, you might as well want to study your options and consider investing in a good immigration lawyer. It is obvious that each case has to be considered based on its own facts, and in certain situations some of those cases can be effortlessly handled without the help of an attorney, however on the other hand that is not always possible and often, getting the appropriate help from an immigration lawyer might be an indispensable key measure. 

Which is why we have spared you the trouble and gathered the most relevant and common reasons why you might actually need an immigration lawyer. Keep reading to know more!

  • Green Card Application 

It comes naturally that the constant changes in the rules and regulations of the U.S government affect the Green Card application process. Which makes it harder and more challenging to get it on your own or to receive other benefits related to immigration. However, it is part of an immigration lawyer’s job to keep pace with those changes, as they are fully required to be aware of any new alterations made to the law. Therefore, getting help from a professional immigration attorney will definitely make the process easier and get the confusion out of your mind by guiding you throughout the entire journey of your green card applicationby helping you make the correct choices and avoid doing irreversible mistakes especially when it comes to taking risks. They will also help you evaluate your options and determine if you are in need of any waivers or if you will need to apply for an immigrant visaoutside the United States at a consulate or directly apply for residence from inside the U.S. Which is why it is advisable to make a proper consultation with an experienced immigration lawyer and discuss everything cards on the table before even applying for any immigration benefit. Keep in mind that hiring the best lawyer is a major turning point for your case. Find out how to choose the best immigration lawyer for you !

  • Getting Request for Evidence 

Receiving a request for evidence after applying for immigration benefits on your own is definitely a sign that you need to consult with an immigration lawyer. Do not jeopardize your application thinking that you can resolve it on your own; you might make it worse and put your request in danger of being denied thereforeleading you to face deportation proceedings. Which means that it would be wiser to seek professional legal help from a well-reputed immigration lawyer and invest some money earlier in the process to ensure everything goes smoothly rather than spending a lot more money later in addition to being mentally exhausted and under the pressure of waiting for a verdict from an immigration judge.

  • Deportation Defense

One of the various benefits of having an immigration lawyer following up with your situation since the beginning is the fact that they will be ready to get involved at the slightest inconvenience and will already know all the details of your case if you are ever picked up by ICE. Which is one of the most unpleasing experiences anyone can go through. Therefore, having a good immigration lawyer by your side to help you navigate the entire process and hopefully settle your situation in front of the immigration court by guiding you through the viability of your options such as helping you apply for a bond in case the ICE does not set one.

  • Processing Asylum Requests

Asylum requests represent a very complicated area of law with a very low approval rate, it is almost impossible to avoid refusal on an asylum request without having a skilled immigration lawyer by your side to guide you through every aspect of this very complicated journey. Regardless of the reason why you are seeking asylum, whether it is due to a life-threatening problem in your home country or for political prosecution. Having a good and experienced immigration attorney to represent you in your proceedings either at the USCIS, or in front of an immigration judge and tell your story in a way that fits the law and gives you the best approval odds is the best thing you can do.

  • Visa Processing

It is well known that the U.S law and procedures can be very complicated and at times hard to deal with, particularly for someone who is not a U.S citizen and who is unfamiliar with the American legal system. Which is why it is very important to have professional legal representation within the United States if you are considering applying for a visa through a U.S consulate or embassy from anywhere else around the world. As having a good attorney by your side while going through the visa processing procedures will ensure your experience goes smoothly and spare you any roadblocks that may come in your way by correctly filing the needed paperwork and making sure you avoid unnecessary charges.

  • Denials for Immigration Benefits

In this situation, you must act fast and start immediately looking for a well-reputed immigration attorney, because denials can only be appealed within 30 days of the date on which you received a denial for your immigration benefit. 


The Bottom Line

If you manage to make up your mind and ever decide to hire an immigration attorney, keep in mind that there are a few criteria that you need to look for in a good lawyer, do not randomly head to the first law firm that you come across. You need to make your own research and invest in a well-experienced lawyer to guarantee you get the best help for your situation. 


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